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If your garden is looking a bit tired and you do not have the time to sort it,why not give us a ring or send an email and we will give you a quote for a one off clearance or regular maintenance.

It is only March but now is the best time start preparing for a garden you can enjoy during the summer.

Spring is coming

Spring is on its way,the daylight hours are increasing and the bulbs are coming through.

Lawns need any debris removing and now is a great time to re-shape the edges.
This is also a good time to tidy your borders by dividing the perennials that are getting too big and removing any weeds.

Why not contact us for some help



New Year

Hi its been a long time and 2014 was a busy year carrying out garden clearances,cutting hedges,digging out borders,mowing lawns,painting,pruning and cutting small trees and many things more.

Now 2015 is here it all starts again.....
If you think your garden is in need of some mundane work and don"t feel up to it,we are available now.
Remember to have a tidy beautiful garden the hard work starts now.


Have you ever heard of a cucamelon? Well, neither had I until this year and then we had a go about growing them. Here are a few facts:
  • Cucamelons are grape sized and taste purely of cucumber
  • They don't need to be grown in the greenhouse like regular cucumbers making it much easier!
  • Sow the seed in April
  • Eat them as you would an olive or better yet, toss them in a salad
Here's our attempt at growing you can see they're slightly bigger than expected! The smell and taste is just as strong though!

Winter Post

Hello All,


It's been a while since I last posted so I thought I'd give you a quick update! As it's winter there's not a whole lot one can do in the garden. We've a few handy hints for you to keep that garden trim and ready for spring:

  • While the soil is damp with all this rain, give it a rake and turn it over
  • While there are no leaves on the trees, cutting back is much more manageable - trim the bushes and cut back trees so that fresh buds can bloom come springtime
  • Rake up all leaves
  • Dig up the bushes you no longer need
  • Plant daffofils, croci, tulips and snowdrops and wait for them to bloom in March

I think that's enough to be getting on with. After all it is the season to be jolly and how many of you will spend time in the garden over Christmas? It's all about the festive fun!




We are pleased to announce that construction of our brand new website is now completed! Here we will update you on seasonal produce, flowers and maintenance as well as our on-going projects.


First task is to maintain the spring bulbs; tulips and daffodils are in full bloom! Next is planting and nurturing seeds so that your garden is simply blooming in the summer.


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